Meet KryptoNFC, a cryptocurrency-oriented NFC tag, which allows you to interconnect blockchain and NFC tags in numerous possible applications.

Anatomy of KryptoNFC

Figure: Features of KryptoNFC tag.

Secure ECDSA keys

Each KryptoNFC tag contains three ECDSA keys with different properties.

ECDSA Key #1 and #2 These keys are static for the whole lifetime of the tag. Both these keys are securely generated during the tag manufacturing process. The private keys are only stored on the tags.

The keys are not exportable, but the user can ask the card to sign arbitrary data using these keys at any time. As simple as that - you will not be able to use the key if you don’t physically have the card with you.

Although very similar, the keys differ in a way they are provisioned. While the key #1 is generated on the card itself, in contrary, the key #2 is generated in the secure environment and externally loaded onto the card during the manufacturing process.

ECDSA Key #3 This key can be managed by the user with the help of the Secure Key Manager feature. As this key is not initialized at the factory, the user is able to manually request on-card generation.

Initially, the newly created key is marked as “secured” and it’s only possible to read out the public key. Users can request the Secure Key Manager to reveal the private key. After the key is revealed for the first time, it will be permanently marked as “released”.

This slot can be reused multiple times. Users can request the card to erase the existing key and generate a new pair. The new key will again be in “secured” state until it’s revealed for the first time.

Figure: State machine of ECDSA Key #3.

Optionally: We are able to provide up to 10 additional slots, each one working in the same way as the described ECDSA Key #3.

Optionally: Upon custom request, we can customize the behavior of the keys. It is possible to mix functionalities or even implement totally custom schemes.

Device attests

Since it’s extremely hard to distinguish real products apart from counterfeit ones, we do provide a device attestation feature. ECDSA public keys #1 and #2 are signed with the manufacturer key, which lets you verify whether that particular tag really came from a trusted source.

The manufacturer key and public key information about each KryptoNFC tag is recorded on chain by ARX for authentication with the possibility of linking to other smart contracts or cryptocurrencies.

Supported devices and interfaces

Figure: Compatible devices and interfaces.

The absolutely unique feature of the KryptoNFC tag platform is that it already works with your devices. Just unlock the phone, tap the KryptoNFC tag and… that’s it!

Works with your mobile’s web browser

KryptoNFC tags are fully operable through a web browser. Upon first tap, your phone will open a special web page, which would allow you to manage the tag. You can sign arbitrary data, or request key regeneration just by picking appropriate options on the web page and then tapping the tag once again.

We were not mistaken, no application is required at all.

Fully customizable

The standard tag has the same shape as the credit card. For the orders exceeding 1000 pieces at once, we can provide custom form factor and custom printing on the card. For smaller orders, we are able to provide generic cards without any logo.

Service \ Quantity ≥ 10 tags ≥ 1000 tags
Shape: Credit card ✔️ ✔️
Shape: Customized dimensions rectangle or circle ✔️
Printing: Blank white ✔️ ✔️
Printing: Generic graphics without any logo ✔️ ✔️
Printing: Custom graphics and logo ✔️
Developer SDK ✔️ ✔️
Tag platform customizations (additional fees apply) ✔️ ✔️
Custom web/mobile application development (additional fees apply) ✔️ ✔️

Possible applications

There is an unlimited number of ways you can connect NFC tags with Blockchain. We’ve tried to imagine some of the possibilities just to give an insight into how the NFC tag platform can be used.

KryptoNFC could help you to:

  • Create a Blockchain-based physical access control system;
  • Sign raw Ethereum transactions (ECDSA/Keccak-256);
  • Use NFC tags as non-fungible tokens (NFTs);
  • Implement crypto payment system based on reusable NFC cards;

Disclaimer: ITSEC R&D is not able to provide business advisory in the field of cryptocurrencies. We would be happy to hear your overall idea of the crypto project and provide you with the complex software, hardware and technical advice.

Do you want to implement your own solution based on Blockchain and NFC tags? We would be happy to provide you with our expertise in the field of NFC development. Please fill out the inquiry form or just please drop me a short email: